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The navigation of the health-care system is almost as bad as the disease,” she said. “We talk about the number of people who might have lost their care, but behind each of those numbers is a family under severe distress wondering how we’re going to handle this next. It doesn’t matter who you are; when you have a sick child it’s devastating.” Briggs has spoken at length with representatives at Cigna who he said were sympathetic but offered little guidance. In an emailed statement to The Washington Post, Cigna said that it does review “highly-specialized cases” and works with members if there’s a good reason they cannot “immediately transition to another in-network health care professional.” But until Cigna makes a similar arrangement with Inova or grants Briggs a special exception,uggs on sale Christopher Briggs is on his own, desperately searching for a solution. He has called the state insurance commission and his congressional representatives. The office of Republican Barbara Comstock sent him a form to fill out before anyone would hear his issue, he said. A constituent services representative in the office of Sen. Mark R. Warner (D) was kind, Briggs said, but couldn’t offer a solution. Warner spokesman Kevin Hall said the senator’s office reached out to Cigna this month and received assurance that it would try to work with the Briggs family. “It’s heartbreaking that it’s families like the Briggses bearing the brunt of the confusion and expense” of attempts to repeal the ACA, Hall said. cheap real uggs“We do what we can; we try to ring the bells at a higher level than individuals can reach on their own.” At his most desperate, Briggs considered selling his home and moving the family to another county in Virginia that offers Anthem coverage or to another state such as Pennsylvania or Texas, which have top-tier children’s hospitals. Some health-care experts suggested he rent or buy a small apartment in another county and list it as his primary residence. But he has no interest in committing insurance fraud, he said.,ugg boots outlet, @uggs noira 421 @ugg boot factory outlet wetherill park 696 @ugg boot history 501 @uggs leighton 849 @uggs for less 198